Видео: Gerber Suspension NXT REVIEW

Gerber Suspension NXT REVIEW

First review for a multi tool.

Gerber Suspension NXT

Here we go ladies and gentlemen, something BRAND SPANKING new from Gerber. The Gerber Suspension NXT. Now i carried ...

Gerber Suspension NXT - Unboxing

Amazon $35: https://amzn.to/2V0Y7oB ▽☟▽☟ ▽☟▽☟▽ LOOΚ Down There for More Information & Links ...

Gerber Suspension NXT: Great Prepper Multitool!

Get one here: https://amzn.to/2GZSYYh Shop Our Amazon Store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/iridium242 Olight Deals Here: ...

Gerber Nxt Suspension vs Suspension

Is the new Gerber Nxt better then 1st version watch the video to find out Not a sponsored review bought it using my own money ...

Gerber Suspension-NXT

Taking design cues from the original, the Suspension-NXT is the evolution of the classic multi-tool design. Boasting an increased ...

Gerber Suspension NXT Pocket Multi-tool - Viewer Request Unboxing & Review

DocP's Amazon Influencer Page: https://www.amazon.com/shop/docp91b Offical DocP Discord Server: ...


The Gerber Suspension-NXT is a success, beautiful, well assembled, compact, well equipped (it lacks the saw that is found on the ...

Gerber Suspension NXT

Hey guys what's up?! Here today with another first impressions video. Today I have for you the Gerber Suspension NXT multi tool.

Gerber, Extension NXT-A micro review

I have this as my backup tool! I said better made, but what I meant was heavier and more substantial!

The Gerber NXT, Multitool champ at $25!?!

I really find the features in this tool to be too notch at the given price. The first tool in the 20-30 range I can recommend.


Thanks for watching much respect and appreciation. REMEMBER KNOWLEDGE IS POWER AND PRACTICE MAKES ...

Gerber Suspension NXT Multi-Tool December 2019

This great EDC multi-tool is slim, light and full of everything you need! The tools are outboard and locking. The jaws are ...

Comparison Review: The Gerber Multi-Plier 600 vs. The Gerber Suspension

http://thrumylens.org/photography/knives/gerber-suspension-vs-gerber-multi-plier-600/ This video is a suplement to the written ...

Gerber Suspension multi-tool junk?

I give a quick review of the Gerber Suspension multi-tool.

Which Will Break First? Gerber vs. Leatherman Multitool Cutters

Where To Buy On amazon: https://amzn.to/2ZhvGV5 Where To Buy On bladehq: http://shrsl.com/1g5yn Where To Buy ...

$30 Gerber Suspension VS $10 Sheffield Premium - Multi Tool Comparison

Today we have a #HeadToHead #MultiTool comparison. We take a look at the $30 Gerber Suspension and the $10 Sheffield ...

Gerber Suspension the Leatherman's replacement?

A review and overview of the Gerber Suspension, with a comparison against the Leatherman Wingman on a few key points.

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