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Tom Cude. The way we met is cliche, like the beginning of a light romance novel. We had our first date less than a week later, then our second, and our third. She went to the same school I did but was never around because right after class she had to leave for her translation job. On our fourth date I asked her to be my girlfriend. I grew concerned and slightly paranoid. She grew very quiet and asked me not to get mad. She told me she was a hostess. K-ko starts work at 8pm every weekday. Before work she sets her hair at a hair salon in a fashion common among hostesses.

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While being good-looking is a prerequisite to work in a Japanese hostess bar, it takes more than that to successfully keep customers coming back for more. Of particular interest is its list of conversation pointers. Most of those sound like pretty nice compliments, right?

Kabukicho is far quieter than usual but is being accused of fuelling a coronavirus second wave.

G’Day Japan! The capital district of these clubs is Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku, Tokyo city. The host club and kyabakura business is a flashy business, and the town is just as bright and mesmerising. To get the ball rolling, the customer must first purchase a drink at higher scale clubs, you must purchase by the bottle for yourself and your host or hostess. These businesses do walk a very fine line between the services industry and the sex industry. During your time you will drink and converse with your host or hostess flirtatiously but purely verbally.

These clubs are not a prostitution service however, there are of course those individuals that participate and any kind of inappropriate physical contact is banned. The game of the hosts are to make you drink therefore spend as much as possible as they make commission from the sales made. You might say that the women who work at the kyabakura are modern day versions of geisha girls.

A lot of the customers that come to a well-established club are businessmen who not only use the club to entertain themselves but to entertain business associates and potential customers of their own. The more they spend, the bigger the stakes. In the past two decades though, it has evolved and turned into a highly popular scene with women of all ages and all walks of life becoming fast fans.

Unlike kyabakuras, the punters at host clubs are there purely for pleasure.

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A s soon as Karen Hanazuka, 24, entered her senior year of university, all her classmates traded their short skirts and skinny jeans for dark suits and started going to job fairs. Hanazuka did not join them in their search for a full-time office job because she had already made up her mind to continue working as a hostess. In Japan, a hostess is a young woman who entertains men at bars or clubs. Customers pay large sums of money to these women for the pleasure of their company, for flirting, but not sex.

Once frowned upon along with sex work, the job of a hostess has been gaining popularity among young women. Women working as hostesses have not only appeared on talk shows and television dramas, they have become models, actresses, and entrepreneurs.

She just wants to be called by her Japanese name Hikaru, which means light. The year-old real estate agent has a past that many women of.

Nobody goes to Tokyo without a dream. Tokyo—complex, multifaceted, and unforgiving—is a city of opportunity. A tempestuous, dynamic vessel for the pleasures, pains, and aspirations of increasingly disillusioned generations. An economic hub powered by throbbing, vibrating, neon circuits of global industry and commerce. From all over Japan and the world, people pour into the city to craft visions of their futures into reality and to build their lives anew.

I went to Tokyo with my own ambitions. Through my classes, I gained fluency in Japanese, and became invested in understanding the discourses of race that influence contemporary debates on migration, labor, and nationhood in Japan. So the opportunity to experience Tokyo as a South Asian woman—not as a transient expat, but as a full-time student and resident—both terrified and excited me. Areas like Shinjuku and Shibuya—positioned in the global cultural imagination as metonyms for the entire nation—tend to evoke lurid fantasies.

Heavily inked yakuza lurking in cigarette-littered alleyways. Minuscule ramen joints awash with hungry beer-blossomed salarymen returning from work. Host and hostess clubs oozing sequins and sex, recalling in florid technicolor the libidinal economy of the floating world. But contrary to how it is portrayed, the fever dreamscape is finite.

Host and hostess clubs

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Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. Amid the bright lights and the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, foreign hostess bars are a major part of Japan’s nightlife. Most men do nothing more than sit, drink and chat — usually in English — with young women from all over the world. Come night time, the bustling hostess district of Ginza in Tokyo is packed with a post-work crowd of men and women, who spill out onto the street amongst neon signs for different types of hostess bars.

Young women wait outside, trying to attract new customers. Michelle, a year-old woman from Perth, worked at an international ladies bar nearby for three months. Thanks to her striking looks — tall and curvy with blue eyes and long blond hair — she is no longer in the bar. Three of the men she met there now pay her to accompany them on platonic dinner dates around Tokyo.

These men shower her with luxury gifts of handbags, laptops and plane tickets. The majority of hostess bars in Japan do not provide sexual services, hostess bar manager Noriko told the ABC — they are just a place for businessmen to relax. While she is a qualified dentist, she has been helping her family run their hostess business for five years.

Host clubs: a hotbed of human trafficking

After learning about Japanese culture, you will sooner or later come across the term “Kyabakura” which refers to a bar that employs ladies to sit next to you who will light your cigarettes if you smoke and pour drinks for you – and if you don’t drink then you cant get in as that’s one of the main ways these establishment make their dosh. Ladies that work at these establishments are called Kyabakura Jyo which is often shortened to Kyaba Jyo or Hosutesu.

These clubs make their money in varying ways. The one in the poster above charges yen for 40 mins where apparently you get to drink as much as you want. They charge yen for every extra 20 mins you spend in the place and if there is a particular girl who you want to look after you then you pay an extra yen. Usually what happens is that one of the hostesses will accompany you at a table and chat with you.

year-old university student Issei Izawa commented that dating was Japan is home to an array of host and hostess clubs, fetish clubs, sex.

Update : On Jan. Will the first woman to travel to the moon be the winner of a billionaire’s “girlfriend contest”? We really hope not. On Sunday Jan. In , Maezawa announced that he and six to eight artists would become the first passengers on SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft, which would fly around the moon without landing.

Now, it seems as though the year-old father of two intends for one of those seats to go to the winner of his contest looking for women age 20 or older to apply to be his girlfriend and the “first woman to the moon. In a turn of events that is shocking to no one, this call for girlfriend applications has received immediate, intense backlash. A large number of the responses on Maezawa’s tweet include expletives and are therefore not included here.

Overall, it seems as though most people have negative feelings about this contest. One major criticism of the contest, which many have echoed on Twitter, is that the contest aims to fly the “first woman to the moon. So, not only would the woman chosen by Maezawa be a prop in a largely publicized spectacle, but this contest could set an example for younger generations of women that their willingness to engage in a romantic relationship could get them farther than hard work in a STEM science, technology, engineering and math field.

Not against the concept in general, but firsts are special. History remembers them.

Confessions of a Hostess Boyfriend

In an age where lesbian chic is dominating primetime in everything from personals and family drama through to your not-so-secret prison fantasy fetishes, we can all be forgiven for living under the vain assumption that everyone everywhere is A-OK with the G-AY. Yes, Japan is a notoriously conservative life built on the lesbian of patriarchal hierarchy.

Yes, they did arrest a woman for making a vagina kayak. However, never fear! All is not lost.

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Meet Naoki. Is he some kind of doctor or finance wizard to be making that kind of dough? A host club is a bar where lots of young and attractive men flirt with, pour drinks for, and generally entertain the largely female clientele. They earn a commission on the alcohol they sell, so the goal is to keep customers coming back and ordering lots of drinks, both for themselves and for the hosts.

This results in a lot of body-abusing alcohol consumption by the junior hosts, while the senior ones try to stay sober enough to entertain their guests. And entertain they do! At 33, he is still very popular among the clients and respected by the other hosts. He is also the frontman for a music group called Never Fade and has a weekly online TV program.

Hustling At A Japanese Hostess Club

If you are bored of living a lonely life, you should get yourself into a Japanese dating. Sexy Japanese girls and gallant Japanese men can fulfill your single life with love and happiness. The beauty of Japanese ladies is depicted in many movies and artworks.

As to eikaiwa workers, for Japanese men interested in dating all that time talking to other men — it’s like being a hostess” (Keigo, 29).

The Dark Side of the Japanese Internet. The term papakatsu has recently joined the Japanese lexicon. It refers to young women seeking out on social media and dating apps older men who are willing to shower them with gifts. Although similar to the idea of sugar dating familiar in Western countries, the Japanese expression generally implies a platonic relationship—meals, shopping, movies, but no sex.

The practice was even the focus of a smash-hit online drama series about the development of one such relationship that was later picked up by major broadcaster Fuji Television. The trend in compensated dating has spawned a slew of online services. Most attract women with boasts of male userbases filled with high income earners and prestige careers like doctors and government administrators; promises of nonsexual relations and hints that users can make hundreds of thousands of yen per month are also popular lures.

Compensated dating, even by minors, is not in itself illegal as long as it is nonsexual. Seventeen-year-old high-school student Satomi not her real name is among a growing group of young women involved in papakatsu. Standing just over five feet tall with long black hair, she projects innocence and purity.

‘Look, Don’t Touch’ – Behind the Secret World of Japan’s Hostess Clubs

Those who are from North America might mistake the term “hostess” or “host” for someone at a restaurant who shows you to your table, but in Japan, it is quite a different profession. Part of the Japanese nightlife culture, they usually wear fancy suits or evening gowns, lots of make-up and have fancy hairstyles. They are quite beautiful and well-groomed as their job is to sell an image of allure and style. But what really goes on inside a hostess club , and what might a visitor from overseas expect from them?

The host club and kyabakura business is a flashy business, and the town The Underworld of Japan: Host Clubs and Cabaret Clubs mean the hostess will meet for a non-sexual date before her shift begins in the evening.

But only a few years ago, she spent six months working at a hostess club here in Japan. Elizabeth came to Japan, like many people, wanting to explore Japanese culture and intending to work a little on the side to support her adventure. Yet, with no college degree, getting a job—even one teaching English—proved to be an impossibility. When it became apparent that this was the case, Elizabeth arranged for a Japanese friend to introduce her to a hostess club on the outskirts of Tokyo.

The owner, a Pakistani man, was more than happy to let her join his primarily Filipino club. Five nights a week—and that always included weekends—Elizabeth worked from 8 pm to 4 or 5 am.

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Speed dating — it happens all over the world. But what’s different about Japan is that the government is the one playing Cupid. Officials.

Of course, it is easy to imagine many Japanese women wanting to date Korean men, due to interest built up from popular culture or pure curiosity, but what makes their relationship last to the point that they would like to marry? It is not common for Japanese men to initiate any intimate or physical contact during a date. Based on testimony from several individual sources however, this is less of a problem when dating Korean men, as they are less shy to physical contact in public.

Too many physical displays of affection may overwhelm Japanese women, but giving more than the average Japanese man can give them a sense of assertiveness and affection. This is debatable as it is more to do with the individual than it is to do with people in general. When it comes to men you see in everyday life however, we can see more of a difference between the two.

In Japan, quite often you can still see a lot of people in Japan that have hairstyles that are always dyed and styled, to an almost over-the-top degree, with clothing to match. Compared to Japanese fashion, you could argue that Korean fashion is more minimalistic when it comes to males at least , and therefore making it easier to accept, for some people.

Another fashion related idea is that couples with a Korean male have also been noticed to be more willing to wear matching couples outfits.

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